Your Daily Guided Prayer

Imagine starting your day with a moment of calm and connection, away from the noise and chaos of the world. With our podcast, "Thee First Five," you can dedicate the first five minutes of your day to guided prayer and reflection. Allow us to lead you in a peaceful pause, centering your thoughts and spirit on God.

Our daily episodes provide a space to pray and meditate on scripture, helping you to align your heart and mind with God's presence. Whether at home, on your commute, or at work, these moments of guided prayer can transform your day. Subscribe to "Thee First Five" and make it a daily habit to invite spiritual focus into your life. Don't miss the opportunity to start your day with intention and grace.

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Peaceful Pause

Dedicate the first five minutes of your day to spiritual focus with "Thee First Five," and transform your mornings with guided prayer and meditation on scripture. Embrace peace and grace in your daily routine.